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“102. One Hundred and Two Fucking Degrees.” Allen checked the temperature gauge on his car one more time, then got reluctantly out. Allen was 19 years old, and home for the summer after his first year in college. And in South Carolina, that meant dealing with the ungodly heat and crushing humidity. But Allen wasn’t about to go home. He had worked hard to lose weight in college, and he would not slide back just because it was a little warm. He slowly stumbled into a jog, taking step after step along the trail that served as his running route. The pine trees provided a little shade, and he didn’t have to feel self conscious about the other runners. There were beautiful girls and unnaturally fit guys at his old high school, and there was something particularly humiliating about seeing the tight ass of a seventeen year old girl bounce slightly as it faded into the distance with you loping along panting behind. That wasn’t to say Allen wasn’t capable. He was still young. And while he wasn’t cut out of marble like the rest of the kids around here, he was cute enough. He had straight light brown hair, stood at five eleven, and was getting slimmer every day, with a broad chest and a boyish face. At college he did okay with the girls, and had a couple of offers to go back to the dorms on party nights. Allen was flattered, but declined. He was shy, and couldn’t seem to drink enough in a night to get over it. Allen had only ever been with one girl. Running through the forest in the oppressive heat, he remembered that night. Jackie had been a short girl, but that night she took up all of Allen’s vision. After watching a movie on the couch at Allen’s house, her hand had strayed close to Allen’s thigh. After about ten minutes of uncomfortable maneuvering like only teenagers could accomplish, they gave up and gave in. Before he even got his pants off she was on top of him, sitting on his eight inch cock. Allen would never forget that feeling. The resistance at first, and then giving way and swallowing him to his balls. The girl never lost a beat, moaning softly, then staring at him. “Does that feel good?” Allen hadn’t answered. He couldn’t. Everything in his body was focused on one thing. “Yes….. no… maybe?” Jackie had asked, grinding her hips against his…. The buzz of Allen’s phone snapped him out of his day dream, and he was suddenly very aware of how heavily he as breathing. He slowed to a walk, wiped his sweaty hands on his shirt, and answered the phone. “Hi Allen, this is Anna. Jake wanted me to call you and let you know he will be home this weekend. He wants you to come over when you get a chance.” “Okay.” Allen replied, “Tell him I’ll be over in a half hour.” With that he hung up the phone and turned back towards his car. It was already hot, and he was already tired. With his best friend wanting to see him, he had the excuse he needed to call it quits. Jake had been the only person from high school he kept up with, but their differing schedules made it difficult to get together. The drive over to Jake’s house wasn’t far, but Allen still wanted to get there as soon as he could. Foregoing a shower or a change of clothes, he threw a towel down on the seat of his car and started driving straight there. Jake was adventurous like Allen. And also like Allen he loved to be outside. IT was almost certain that whatever they ended up doing they would end up sweaty and dirty anyway. After a few minute of listening to increasingly obnoxious songs on the radio he pulled onto the dirt road in front of Jake’s house. The house was brand new, but nobody would have guessed that coming down the drive. Nobody would expect a new building to be so far away from everything else, and this house was in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Upon rounding a final curve in the road, Allen finally pulled up to the stately but not ostentatious house. The front porch was long and wide, with white columns lining the entrance way. Allen was surprised to see Anna leaning up against one of the columns. Allen also didn’t see any cars in the driveway. “Hello Anna, how are you?” Anna waived. She was dressed in pink shorts and a white tank top that seemed to be the uniform for girls in this town during the summer months. The last time Allen had seen her was two years ago when she was just a sophomore in High School. Back then she had seemed so young. He thought of Jake as his brother, so it was only natural he thought of Anna like a little sister. Only she wasn’t so little now. Her formerly light brown hair was now blonde with streaks of white caused by so much time in the sun. Her blue eyes were as bright as ever, but somehow lost the innocence they always seemed to have before. She was still short, just a bit over five feet, but her body was different. Her thighs were thicker, her hips wider, and her breasts were sticking out at the perfect angle from her otherwise flat torso. Allen swallowed hard but otherwise kept his composure, silently laughing off his feelings of arousal as Anna walked over and gave him a hug like she always did when she saw him. “Hi Alli!” Anna said, using the nic name she gave Allen when he first met her in middle school. “I’m good.” . “Senior year has been just as crazy as you warned me.” “But let’s talk about that inside. It’s way too hot out here.” “Is Jake waiting upstairs?” Allen asked. “No,” Anna replied. “He had to run out to the school to pay a bill or something. He said to wait for him and ya’ll could ride into town together and get something to eat.” Allen was a bit confused, normally Jake was waiting to greet him, not Anna. Still, he followed her inside to the giant open living room of the house. There she jumped on her couch from behind like a track star taking a high jump and waved Allen over to her. He walked around the other side of the couch and sat down, leaving a cushion between them and trying very hard not to think about the couch where Jackie took him all those years ago. It wasn’t just that Jake wasn’t there. Every other time he had seen Anna, there had been a clear boundary. She was always nice to Allen, and excited to see him, but also shy, nervous, and a little annoying. Like a kid sister. Now, her body language was totally different. She beckoned him to the couch, invited him in, and talked to him as an equal. To make matters worse, she was now splayed out on the couch, laying on her back with her knees together and feet pulled back. The shorts she wore stretched back almost to her ass cheeks and the outline of her panties was faintly visible. Worse than that, she didn’t care in the least that Allen could see. “Like I said, Jake will be back in a little while. So tell me what college is like.” Anna said. “Well,” replied Allen, “It’s a lot like high school, only there is no bed time, no rules, and nobody asking where you are. As long as you go to class, you can do whatever else you want. It’s amazing how much free time you have.” Anna smiled. “That sounds incredible. I’m so tired of people looking over my shoulder the whole time I’m in school. And at home for that matter. “ “Yeah,” replied Allen,.” It’s great. Like if you wanted to take go swim at the gym at nine at night nobody would say anything.” Anna smiled again. Allen knew how much she loved to swim. She had been winning meets since middle school. Even when she was pudgy kid she outpaced everyone else in her age group. Allen could only imagine how much faster she must be, now that she had grown into herself. For a minute she didn’t say anything, and it looked like she was considering the prospect of being totally unleashed in college. It was hard to think of her as anything but a kid. It was nearly impossible to think of her like the girls he met in school. Yet, he found himself glancing at her again, sure this time he could see the outline of her underwear through her nylon shorts. He tried to picture her giving some boy the same offer he had been given by the girls who asked him back. He tried to imagine her putting some freshman’s hand down those pants and helping brush aside her panties… “So how many girls have you had since Jackie?” Anna asked with startling bluntness. Allen was too stunned to speak. Anna was his little friend, a kid sister, just Jake’s annoying shadow. Surely she meant how many girls had Allen kissed since Jackie. But how did she even know about Jackie. Jake knew of course, but Allen was sure he hadn’t told her. He sheltered her from everything with the slightest sexual undertone. “Jackie’s little sister is in my class,” Anna said, clearly seeing the look of confusion on Allen’s face. “She told me all about it last month. Apparently Jackie was bragging about you in her journal and her little sister read it.” Allen finally found his words, though slowly. “ So you know that we…. You know that I…” “Fucked her, “Anna interjected, “yeah. But I heard it was more like she fucked you. At least according to her little sister. She said Jackie wrote about how she decided one night that she wanted you and took your virginity just because she could.” That part was accurate, Allen admitted to himself. Jackie had been Allen’s one and only, but he wasn’t even sure he was in her first ten. The girl had taken control of the situation from the beginning. She had invited herself over, she had moved in to kiss him first, and she had slipped his hand under her shorts. Finally, she climbed on top of him and even pushed his cock into herself. It wasn’t until he was already in her that Allen’s instincts had taken over and he began doing some of the work. “Yeah, Allen admitted out loud. I was a virgin, and she did what she wanted. And there haven’t been any girls since. None in college.” “Wait,”Anna said, “the only time you ever had sex with a girl, you didn’t even get to be the guy?” “I wouldn’t put it like that,” Allen responded, “but basically yeah.” And why are you talking about this? Do you even know what sex is Anna?” “I’m not a little kid anymore Allen.” She shot back. She only used his full name when she was mad at him. “I’m 18 you know.” She shot him another exasperated look and glanced down at her phone. Allen tried very hard to stare at anything other than her tits or the small gap between her legs. Anna stared at her phone for a long minute, and then texted something back. Allen was awkwardly staring at a statue on the mantle when she finally looked up. “Jake says he is going out to dinner with some friends. He wants you to come.” “Ok,” Allen said, grateful for another topic of conversation. “tell him I’m going to run home and grab a shower.” “Don’t be silly, “ Anna said, “ You practically live here. Use our shower. There’s still a pair of bluejeans and a Tshirt from the last time you stayed over.” Allen really thought that was a bad idea, but couldn’t pinpoint why exactly he was so skittish. It was probably just the way Anna was talking. It was probably just the fact that he wasn’t used to her being an adult. After all, Allen gossiped to his friends about sex, and he was sure Anna did the same with her friends. Thank god Allen didn’t have a sister if he was this protective of his friend’s sister. He didn’t answer her. He Just nodded and headed upstairs to the shower. The upstairs bathroom was large and roomy, with the shower closed off from the rest of the bathroom. Because of this, the shower curtain was clear plastic. Allen began undressing casually, flipping his sweaty clothes into a pile in the corner. After turning the water to barely warm (the South was hot enough already) , he climbed in and began to wash, thinking of where he was supposed to meet Jake and which of his friends would be there with him. However, it wasn’t long before his thoughts drifted back to Anna. She had grown into a beautiful woman. She was smart and fit, but still soft and feminine and sweet. She was the kind of girl Allen imagined taking, claiming as his own. He let himself picture her standing naked and shy in front of him, ready to obey any order, receive any part of him in any part of her. Probably the way Jackie saw him all those nights ago, he realized. But, for all his infatuation with dominating the shy girl, Allen was shy too. And she was his friend’s sister. Allen finished washing and was just stepping out of the shower to retrieve a towel from the upstairs closet, having just realized he forgot one when he heard the door to the shower room click open. Instinctively he jumped behind the clear plastic curtain and pulled it around him as Anna walked in carrying his towel. “I thought you might need this. “ She said, blushing slightly, but still staring with a look of curiosity and what Allen took to be confused arousal. She looked him up and down tentatively, as if she might get in trouble for seeing him naked. Only then did Allen remember the see through shower curtain. The washcloth he moved hastily in front of his crotch was woefully undersized to cover his dick as it began to swell at the sight of Anna eyeing him like a dog unsure if it wanted to risk taking a table scrap. He just stood there, frozen, gazing hungrily at the girl he had always thought of as a little kid, and yet his dick began showing from under the cloth as it got harder and harder. “Get a close enough look?” Allen asked, trying to make light of the situation, even though his voice was meek and cracked. “No.” Anna replied just as meekly. “It’s the first one I’ve seen up close. Can I touch it?” “Anna I don’t think…” Allen began, but she cut him off. “I really want this Allen. I’m going to college in a few months. I don’t want to learn everything about sex when I get there. You’re like my big brother, you should teach me these things.” Allen looked closely at her and realized she meant it. She didn’t look like she was joking or making fun of him. She was really concerned about being a virgin when she got to college. “Allen, I trust you. I want the first time to be with someone who can teach me what I need to know, but who I can still feel safe with.” She smiled uncertainly before adding “I’ll let you be the boy this time if you want.” Allen let the washcloth fall to the ground, revealing his now fully hard cock. He didn’t know what he was doing. All he knew was that he couldn’t turn her down. This was his chance, to finally get over the girl that had taken all of his confidence; his chance to finally be in charge. “Okay,” he replied, “but Jake cannot know about this. He would literally kill me if he found out.” With that he stepped out of the shower and towards Anna. He looked down and kissed her softly on the lips. She shivered, her hands tenuously touching his bare skin just above his waist. The way she returned his kiss let him know she had at least done that before. But everything else was slow and awkward. Finally, he broke off the kiss, and decided to take control of the situation. “You said you wanted me to teach you?” Allen asked. Anna nodded. “Well, tell me how this feels.” Allen reached down with one hand and slid his hand up Anna’s shirt. With the other he gently pulled her head to one side and leaned down to kiss her neck. At the same time as his lips brushed gently across her smooth pale skin, he slid his hand under her sports bra and took her right tit in his hand. Anna shuddered and pushed into him, all reluctance forgotten as her skin erupted in goosebumps. The feel of her pressed against him made Allen gasp too, though he kept focused, brushing his hand over her nipple, and giving her neck one more kiss before looking up at her. “That was great.” She said, “what else do you know?” “Well, for starters you need to get naked.” Allen replied. “It’s only fair.” When Anna nodded agreement, Allen pulled her tank top over her head. Her skin was so soft and firm, even seeing her in a sports bra sent pants of desire through him. Next, trying to project confidence despite his trembling hands, he undid her bra and let her c cup tits flop free. She looked down at them and up at him, as if seeking approval. Allen smiled warmly. Then, as if emboldened by his approval, she took off her shorts and underwear leaving her completely naked in front of him. Allen took a minute to admire her even as she gazed impatiently from her naked form to his. Finally he asked “Is there anything you want to try first?” Anna looked sheepishly at him before mutter, “I kind of want to know what it feels like to have someone else make me cum.” Allen smiled at how cute her request sounded. It was almost like she was asking permission from someone who she was sure would decline. Then he set the towel on the sink and indicated Anna should sit on it. She did so, and he gently spread her legs which she had instinctively crossed to hide herself. Between them he found her perfectly shaven pink pussy, already glistening and wet. “This might tickle at first,” Allen said, even as she shivered at the feel of his breath on her bear thigh. “But Im pretty sure it will feel good afterwards.” With that, he kissed the inside of either thigh, enjoying her awkward gasps as new sensations rippled through her body. He kissed her right above where her slit began and then on either side of the lips, as close as he could get without touching them. Anna’s hands were clutching the sink next to him, and he could see her knuckles had turned white from grasping the edge so hard. She must be getting really frustrated he thought. Finally, he licked her pink slit from bottom to top, letting his tongue slide between her pussy lips and savoring the taste of her. She let out a squeak of surprise followed by a long moan. It was the sweetest sound Allen had ever heard. He circled slowly around her clit a few times before licking it gently. When she began grinding her hips involuntarily he picked up the pace a bit, though still careful to be gentle. Despite the fact he wasn’t really going at it, her hips continued to grind against his face, and her breathing became faster and faster. Then, without warning, her body began to shake as she half cried, half gasped “Allen.” Hearing him say her name as her orgasm hit her nearly drove Allen crazy. He stood up and held her for a brief moment, trying desperately to control the shaking in his body. He wanted more than anything to take her right there on the counter, but somehow resisted. The feel of her bare skin against his, her stomach on his cock, as he helped her down nearly sent him back over the edge. Breathing heavily, he looked straight in her eyes and tried to say in a calm voice, “Are you done, or do you want to learn more.” Anna, standing on wobbly legs finally regained the ability to speak. “I want you to show me everything.” Allen struggled to keep himself from acting until Anna had recovered. “ When is Jake coming home?” He asked. Anna looked up at him like a kid admitting to a lie. “Everybody is out of town to see Grandpa. I’m the only one here, stayed behind for a swim meet.” Allen only gave her a sardonic disapproving glare, then grabbed her hand, and lead her off to the bedroom.

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